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Consequently, the AOC is not limited to wine but is also the standard by which meat, butter and cheese get their highest quality marks.Also take note of the new law instituted by the European Union.Indeed, Italy has a more restricted group at the top, the DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) wines.

It represents 70,000ha of which 52,000ha were granted an AOC.

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As you may know, there are hundreds of different kinds of French cheese.

France allows new grapes in AOC wines to fight climate

Then she goes into more detail about the wines of the Loire Valley, which are really lovely.

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The major difference between french and Italian wines are grapes that are generally used.Productivity: Every AOC defined a maximal productivity, expressed in hectoliters of wine by hectares or in kilos of grape of champagne.

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Select your region from: Alsace - Beaujolais - Bordeaux - Burgundy - Cotes du Rhone - Languedoc Roussillon - Loire.

Categories of French Wine French wine is divided into categories a couple of different ways: Wines are divided by terroir, which links the style of wine to the specific location where the grapes were grown and the wine made (Burgundy, for example, is made in the Burgundy region).The 70-year-old AOC system is based on the near-mystical belief, unique to French winemaking, that the identity of a wine stems exclusively from the precise field in which its grapes were grown.

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Today, it is 5th generation Mimi Avery introducing a new generation of wine lovers to Averys.

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This group existed in France too, but it was abandoned in 2011: all quality wines are AOC.

It is sub-divided into 5 vineyards: Anjou-Saumur, Auvergne, Centre-Loire, Pays Nantais and Touraine.

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Unlike most regions, all Alsace wines are appellation wines—defined and protected by French wine laws to ensure consistent and the highest-quality winemaking.

Preservation and protection of the stunning natural environment remains their passion.Here are some tips on how to decipher a French wine label and purchase French wine confidently. (Image credit: Jayme Henderson ) Unlike wine labeling in the United States, labeling laws in France are incredibly strict, providing the consumer with a label packed full of pertinent information.

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Some excerpts from the article: Individual winegrowers can now apply to make AOC wine by cultivating and using grape varieties not currently allowed by appellation disciplinaries.The French wine regulatory system is renowned throughout the world as being the oldest, most established, and comprehensive set of wine regulations in existence.

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